how important is technology in education

How Important is Technology in Education?

How Important is Technology in Education?

Technology is turning to be a powerful and useful tool when it comes to education. Every education institution has started investing in different technological tools, hardware, and more to make students learn. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), virtual reality, M-learning, and gamification are gaining more popularity among the top technological aspects. This also helps to teach to be inquiry-based, project, and student-centered.

Students prefer self-directed learning and utilize technologies to integrate and communicate with other students. Teachers make use of social media and networks to connect with peers, school, and students. Schools use tablets and laptops to cheaply, easily, and quickly connect with educational tools and experts. Integrating technological tools in education makes learning much easier. Besides, technological tools can empower and excite students. Using technological tools see improvement in participation and engagement in the classrooms.

There are different technological tools available in the market, and each of them has its unique use in the educational field. Today in this blog, let’s check out the best text summary online generator tools capable of saving your money and time.

Intellippt – Free Summary Generator Tool

Intellippt is one of the free summarizer tools developed to support college students, journalists, readers, writers, professors, editors, librarians, and publishers. The primary goal of this free summary generator tool is to create quality presentations. Intellippt is powerful in creating PPT from PDF within seconds. The tool is completely easy to use, secure, and free for everyone to use.

Benefits of Summary online generator

It’s not easy to stay updated on the latest technological researcher. Every year, many studies are getting published, including reports, whitepapers, and company documents. In this case, making use of the Intellippt summary online generator tool will make your work easier. This summarizer tool’s working is simple; you need to copy and paste the text in the box along with the total number of sentences. Just by clicking on the “Summarize” button, you will be able to view the complete summary in seconds. Some of the benefits of the Intellippt summary generator tool include

  • Summarize is easily performed using Artificial Intelligence. The input file supported by the free summary tool includes PDF and DOCX.
  • The summarizer tool saves plenty of time. You need not go through the complete document and select important sentences to make a presentation.
  • The online summary generator tool converts the PDF file or document file to PPT. It means it simplifies your job.
  • Intellippt provides great support. In case of any queries or support, you can mail to¬†

Easier way to study long text using summarization

Purpose of Intellippt Summarizing tool

The Intellippt summarizer tool is powerful for studying and for shortening a text. People who need to cut down the academic papers to initial parts can also use the summary generator tool and benefit. Below are some of the important aspects the Intellippt online summary generator tool is capable of.

  • Short down the provided text to extract meaningful information. It means the summary or cohesive list offered is informative, and there is no need for you to read the entire text for understanding the concept.
  • Summarizing the provided documents or PDFs with the provided total number of sentences. The unique aspect of our summary generator tool is that it can cut down the complete document to an absolute number of texts you need. The summary length it provides you depends on quotes, examples, paraphrases, and reasoning you require.
  • Save plenty of time. No more worrying about writing complete texts; you can use the summary generator tool as it automates the process.
  • Summary without plagiarism. The summary that is short down does not contain any Copyscape.
  • Discovering several keywords in the document. Understanding any complicated or academic paper is not an easy task. The Intellippt summary generator tool does this job easier by highlighting or assisting the text with the right number of keywords.
  • Play an excellent role in helping students in their studies. Our summary generator tool extracts summaries more easily so that students can easily prepare for the exams.

Have a Lot to Study in a Limited Time?

Type of texts that can be summarized

Intellippt summary generator tool is designed in a way to summarize any text type. Our tool can even compress longer texts. The maximum number of characters that our summary tool compress is about 10,000 characters. Some of the common paper types supported by our summarizer tool include

  • An Article. The cutter tool in the summary generator can summarize your article more easily with no plagiarism. You need to provide the total summary length, and the tool will provide you the shortest version of the article as output.
  • An Essay. Composing an introduction and conclusion in an essay is the difficult part. The summary online generator tool acts as an introduction or conclusion generator and then highlights the best information and line included in the starting and end of an essay.
  • A Book. Creating the shortest version of books is more tedious as you won’t find much time to read them or explore the right phrase. The summarizer tool can easily perform this work. You can easily download the book in the summarizer, and with this, you can easily compose a short version of the book without plagiarism or spending much time.
  • A Research Paper. Research is a time-consuming and challenging task. The summarizer tool can explore the right keywords without any struggle and convert any writings to a clean paper report.

Hope you are now aware of how a technological tool like a Summary generator can benefit education. What are your views on the Intellippt summary generator tool? Let us know through the comment section below.

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