Automatic text simplification for writing

Automatic text simplification is a technique used to reduce the length of a text without any loss of information. The process involves eliminating unnecessary words and making word choices that will be easily understandable for the target audience.


Welcome to the automated text simplification for writing blog area! This blog will offer advice on how to simplify your writing, making it simpler to read and comprehend. Additionally, we will discuss some tools you may utilise to enhance your writing abilities. We hope you find this material useful and that you appreciate learning how to simplify your writing!

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Comparison with other automatic text summarization methods

Text simplification is frequently contrasted with other automatic text summarising techniques, like text compression and phrase extraction. However, significant disparities exist between these techniques. Text compression just eliminates unneeded information, whereas text simplification reorganizes the information to make it more comprehensible. Sentence extraction chooses only a handful of sample sentences from the original text, whereas text simplification additionally simplifies these sentences.

Automatic Text Summarization (ATS) is gaining significance due to the rapidly rising volume of textual content on the Internet and the various archives of news articles, scientific papers, legal documents, etc. Manual text summarising requires a great deal of time, effort, and resources, making it impracticable when working with enormous volumes of textual content. Researchers have been striving to improve ATS processes since the 1950s. ATS techniques may be extracted, abstracted, or hybrid.

The extractive approach concatenates the most important sentences from the input document(s) to create the summary. The abstractive technique represents the input document(s) in an intermediate form prior to creating a summary with different phrases than the original. The hybrid methodology combines extraction and abstraction approaches.

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If you’re like the majority of people, you probably don’t pay much care to the information you use in your writing. Nonetheless, if you are working on a project that demands extensive writing, it is essential to evaluate the data that will make your writing more efficient.

Automatic text simplification is among the most effective methods for simplifying your data. This method can cut the amount of text in your writing by up to fifty percent.

Automatic text simplification is a procedure that eliminates superfluous words and phrases from a text. Simply copy and paste your content into the Simplify Text tool to apply automated text simplification. Click the “Simplify” button then. Instantaneous text simplification is available.

Additionally, you may employ automated text simplification to enhance the readability of your work. The Simplify Text tool can assist you in identifying and eliminating troublesome words and phrases. This will improve the readability and comprehension of your content.

Automatic text simplification is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a strategy to boost your writing productivity.

Simplification of text using machine learning algorithms

Text simplification is the technique of mechanically simplifying a text without altering its meaning. This can be beneficial for a variety of uses, including making the text more accessible to users with weak reading abilities and enhancing the text’s readability for machine translation.

Text may be automatically condensed using machine learning methods. Utilizing statistical models that detect and delete superfluous words and phrases from a document while keeping its meaning is one way. Rule-based approaches that discover and simplify frequent textual patterns constitute an alternative way.

Both methods are excellent in simplifying and preserving the sense of text. Nevertheless, rule-based techniques are often more precise than statistical models. This makes them a superior option for applications where precision is essential.


In conclusion, automatic text simplification can be a helpful tool for writers of all levels. Whether you’re struggling to find the right words or you want to make your writing more accessible to a wider audience, simplifying your text can be a great way to improve your writing. With the help of automatic text simplification, you can easily simplify your writing without compromising on quality or meaning.

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