How to make good study notes

How to make good study notes?

How to make good study notes?

Exams are near, and most students should have started taking study notes to prepare themselves for the exam. What if there is a tool that helps you take important study notes? Exciting, right, but let’s check them out at the end.

Benefits of taking good study notes

  • Taking study notes helps your learning process more manageable.
  • Holds important points of books and class lectures.
  • It helps you know how to present your answer sheets in a better way.
  • Easy to get prepared for your exams.
  • Collective points from different books you read.
  • Simple to revise continuously whenever you need.
  • Saves time, and therefore you add up more time for learning your papers.

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Tips for making good study notes

Each student has their learning style, so based on that, you should know to take good study notes for your exam preparation. Below are some of the tips that help taking notes for your exam preparation.

What is your learning style?

There are four different learning styles, and each of the students holds any of the below-listed learning styles during exam preparation. 

Visual Learning:

Students who have this learning style can easily understand the concept from the visual presentation of data like charts, maps, graphs, tables, diagrams, and pictures. They make use of initials or symbols to write particular words. Also, follow different underlining methods and other colored pens to highlight a specific topic or sentence. Properly divide the content into headings, bullets, subheadings, horizontal lines, and more. Visual learners have a better understanding of visual presentation, and they are capable of recalling any information through the picture itself.

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Auditory Learning:

Auditor learners make learning simply just by listening, for instance, doing group studies and attending lectures. Audible learners use loud readout methods to learn the subject and record lectures, and self-prepare self-audio notes to make the process easier.

Read/Write Learning:

Students of this type of learning through re-reading the subjects and also write and rewrite notes.

Kinaesthetic Learning:

A student of this type is fascinating. They learn through real-time examples, physical activities, and senses like hearing, smelling, taste, touching, and sighting.

Be specific. Don’t take notes of everything you read

I have seen students taking notes out of their entire syllabus, which is not required. Ensure you filter the suitable topics wisely and then take notes for strengthening your exam preparations. Once you choose the topics, you can pick the proper method to take good study notes based on your learning style. Don’t take notes on everything you read; select only the necessary information and call to action so that you can easily recall them. 

Proper structure to organize notes

  • Your study notes should be crisp and sweet so that you can easily prepare for your exams.
  • Don’t mess up while writing or taking notes.
  • Have separate notes for each unit.
  • Make use of headings, bold, italic, subheadings, and more to add structure to your notes.
  • Don’t make big paragraphs; make bulletin which adds simplicity.
  • Highlight the important points.
  • Ensure you have the summary of each unit.
  • Divide sections using horizontal lines.

How Important is Technology in Education?

Apart from this, you can also

Use technology like recording audio notes using mobile phones, creating group studies or shooting lectures, taking guidance from various education platforms to take good study notes for your exam preparations.

How to make good study notes using the Intellippt Summary tool?

So here is how you can use the Intellippt summary generator tool to make good study notes for your exam preparation.

  1. Visit
  2. Add up your complete unit from PDF online and paste them into the summary generator.
  3. Click on summarize blue colored button below.
  4. The tool automatically lists the crucial points that you need for the exam preparations.
  5. Use the generated text to take study notes and get good marks in your exams.

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