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AI for presenters


Our online PDF to ppt converter uses artificial intelligence to make the work of presenters easy. In today's world an effective visual presentation has more impact on your story than a mere texted one. Pique interest in your project with a powerful PowerPoint presentation using our PDF to presentation converter. PDF to PPT conversion is extremely complicated, we strive to bring you great quality with our AI converter tool.

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summarizing the document.

Intellippt PDF to ppt converter can efficiently summarize a PDF document and save the hassle of repeatedly going through the document in order to achieve this. You do not have to go through the document yourself in order to mark them into individual slides which is required if you want to convert PDF to ppt. Usually what we find is that if you go through the process of converting PDF to ppt yourself, you will have to summarize the text and mark out different portions for different slides. The intellippt converts PDF to ppt and deals with the summarizing process using artificial intelligence.

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As we have seen the PDF to powerpoint presentation is completed in a few minutes with very little effort on our part. We just have to go through the 3 step process and click on the upload button and our work of converting PDF to presentation is taken care of. It takes your document and converts it to a presentable ppt. IntelliPPT can go through the PDF files, segregate the headings and paragraphs and then summarize the paragraphs. It then arranges the headings and summarized text, thus converting your file in a presentable form.

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Intellippt is the ultimate time saving PDF to ppt converter tool. It is essential in today’s fast paced world where output is an instantaneous requirement. With the huge amount of content available on the internet in the current scenario; any content which stands out is welcome and is most effective in putting a point across to the audience. An online PDF to Presentation converter saves time and money and is a means to achieving that end. This helps the Students, Professors, Journalists, Editors, Readers, Librarians, Writers, Publishers by converting portable document format to presentation. This tool is free for everyone, secure and has an easy to use UI. Within seconds it lets you convert PDF files to PPT easily.

Takes Docx and

PDF as input

Even though currently we only take PDF input we also offer other services that is available which will let you easily convert word document to ppt effectively and in an impactful manner; helping you to put your point across with authority.

About IntelliPPT

About Us is created and managed by Clourobo technologies LLP, Bangalore, India. IntelliPPT is created to create good presentations from PDFs. IntelliPPT's mission is to create quality presentations for presenters. Currently, presenters are doing a tedious job by going through the PDFs and creating PPTs from them by understanding them. IntelliPPT can help them by going through the PDFs and create PPTs automatically in seconds.

IntelliPPT can go though the PDF files, seggregate the headings and paragraphs and then summarize the paragraphs. It then arranges the headings and summarized text into the PPT in a presentable form. This helps the College Students, Professors, Journalists, Editors, Readers, Librarians, Writers, Publishers by creating PPTs from the document

This tool is free for everyone, secure and has easy to use UI. Within seconds it lets you convert PDF files to PPT easily.

Best Text Summary Generator - Saves your time and money with our free summary generator tool!

Staying updated on the latest research is tedious. Each year you can find millions of studies published, including company documents, white papers, and reports. Maybe your usual summarizer research tools help find the influential or latest ones, but there are many papers on your desktop left without checking. Trying out our free PDF article summarizer tool will make your job easier. • Copy-paste your text in the below open box. • Pick the total number of sentences. • Start summarizing and view the complete summary by clicking on the "Summarize" button.

What Is a Summary Generator?

Our summary tool generator helps in creating the synopsis of the provided paper automatically within seconds. The only thing you need to do is copy and paste your text or upload your text to our summarizing tools. The PDF article summarizer tool delivers instant results, which indicates less effort and more time-saving. The summary tool holds the ability to help you with different assignments provided in your school and colleges. In our summary generator, the vital thing you need to note is that it just finds the key ideas rather than paraphrasing the complete text you provide. If you are not aware of the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing, here it is.

Paraphrasing – a short explanation

When you summarize or retell any documents in your own words, it is referred to as paraphrasing. It indicates different features, making the text relevant, highlighting important parts, and clarifying the right meaning. Both summarizing and paraphrasing tools differ from each other in various aspects. You can explore thousands of free paraphrasing and summarizing tools online. Finding the right one means easier solutions. Always include our AI summarizer when you make use of any tool to get the desired output.

What Can Our Summarizing Tool Do?

You can use our multi-purpose free online PDF article summarizer tools to shorten a text or for studying. Our summary generator tools are also the right option for people who find difficulties in understanding academic papers and need to cut them to their initial parts. Our summary tool is capable of • Extract meaningful information from the provided text: It offers a cohesive list or summary of the essential document ideas. You need not read the complete text to get a clear understanding. • Create a summary without any Copyscape: Make sure you avoid plagiarism with the PDF article summarizer tool as it automatically creates short versions out of any papers. There is no chance for them to copy other works as it's not programmed in that way. • Summarize your documents with your required number of sentences: The standard-issue found in most of the summarizer tools is that they will not cut down absolute specific numbers of texts. The unique thing about our summary generator tool is that you can choose your desired number of sentences or alter them as per your requirements. The summary length is based on the development (reasoning, paraphrases, examples, or quotes) you require. • Explore the right keywords in your text: it's a challenging task for understanding an academic paper. It can be done easier by assisting or highlighting the correct type of keywords. • A lot of time: I have seen many of them writing texts without knowing the effectiveness of the summary generator tools. With our summary tool, you can save more time as it automates the process on its own. • Help in studying: A summary is best while preparing for the exams or a mandatory part of your assignment. Making use of our PDF article summarizer will help you learn.

What Can You Summarize?

Our summarizer tool is capable of summarizing all types of text. Compressing longer text is also easy with our summary tool. When it comes to a maximum number of characters, our tool can compress 10.000 characters. Our summary generator tool supports different paper types, namely. •An PDF: We have the best solutions for your query; how summarizing can be done without any plagiarizing? We have text cutter tool which can help with all type of PDFs type. You need to choose the total summary length and check out the document's short version delivered at your hand. •A book: Though it's a common task to create a short version of any book in your institutions, you will not have much time to find the right phrase or read them to explain the plot. This is where how our summarizer tool helps you. Downloading the books in the summarizer is easy with our tool, and you will be able to compose a unique paper without spending much time or plagiarizing. •An essay: Many of them struggle to compose the introduction and conclusion of any PDF or when it comes to crafting a thesis statement for their paper. Our summary generator tool serves as a conclusion or introduction generator as it highlights the best ideas to be mentioned at the beginning or end of the essay. •A research paper: Research is one of the challenging as well as time-consuming tasks. You can make use of our summarizer to find the right words without much struggle, convert academic writings to a clean report, and more.

How Does Text Summarization Work?

It's easy to achieve automatic summarization when you search and explore the right type of data that matches your text. A paragraph or summary generator makes use of the initial sources. There are two different techniques through which the summarization is differentiated. 1.Abstractive text summarization, which is based on the semantic relations between the phrases and words. It's just like an individual analyzer, where it analyses the provided text and delivers it in the short version in its own terms. It clearly states context is everything. 2.Extractive text summarization, the summary here depends on weighing the importance and similarities of text or words in a provided document automatically. Our Summarizer tool makes use of the extractive text summarization as it's the best way to summarize without any Copyscape.

More info on Summarization

A good summary should hold the following elements:
  • The first sentence should contain both title and author's name.
  • The first sentence should also hold the thesis statement of the text. It also needs to cover the core ideas that the presenter showcases in their works.
  • The length of the summary varies based on the size of the primary source document. Every short text needs to be reduced to a single paragraph, and ensure to make your writing short if you find your text quite long.
  • Every summary needs to have arguments that are biased on the thesis statement. It needs to be in the text, and the critical thing you need to know here is you should not express your opinion. Instead, you need to make it based on the author's opinion.
  • All your highlighting evidence needed to be showcased in single sentences should be represented in a one-paragraph summary.
  • In case you have a multi-paragraph summary, you need to ensure every paragraph holds the topic sentence in its starting line.
  • The conclusion needs to be in a way that conveys the complete text you have explained and highlights the critical information.
  • Ensure your summary is not half longer than the original document to make is a summary. Omit some unwanted examples and details and make it short from the source materials; probably one-third would be the perfect pick.
  • You need to note down before writing a summary to highlight the essential phrases, keywords, key points, topic sentences, conclusions, and outline every paragraph in the margin.

There are many various types of summaries, and below are some of the top summary varieties listed.
  • Abstract: It belongs to the summary type and is mostly used for scientific papers. It holds rules and fixed structures that are considered to be strict when compared to other summaries. The abstract is essential when it comes to publishing a research paper, and also, you can find different automatic abstract generators come in handy.
  • Executive Summary: This type of summary is used in political contexts or business. It's also represented as an official document that highlights every report fundamental so that it's easy for people to get stuck with the long paper.
  • Synopsis: A brief summary is represented as a synopsis. It is mostly used in art context or literature. It usually contains the primary point of the provided story and concise plot versions. Most of the publishers use this summary for marketing.
  • Outline: It highlights any document's basic framework. It deals with essential ideas but lacks discussion and examples. For instance, a writer plans an overview before composing the complete paper to organize their thoughts.
  • You can find neural networks, artificial intelligence, and machine learning developing rapidly in the present digital world. At this point, it's the best decision to make use of the online PDF article summarizer to add up the development process. Modern and updated summarizing tools provide you best results without considering the text's summary length and complexity.

    The summary tool from us provides a clear structure, and therefore, the text can be easily found. In case you are working with significant summaries, then our summary generators help divide the largest texts into complete paragraphs and significant parts. Our summarizer tools are also influential in smooth transition making from general to specific and also uncover any crucial details in the text. You acquire good readability without any semantic flaws, broken-up sentences, dangling references, and information noise.

    • 1.There is no chance of missing any important information from the provided text. Our summary generator scans the complete text and takes just the key points. It means you get the full and clear picture of your provided text in the shorter version.
    • 2.The online PDF article summarizer tool works instantly; you need to copy and paste the text in the summary box and then summarize the text.
    • 3.Our summarizer tool provides you accurate and precise points as short snippets, and therefore, it increases your total productivity.
    • 4. The result of study sessions is often the summaries, written answers, and notes. It means the summarizer tool can quickly boost your study process.
    • 5. Summary generators are becoming the best part of every review session and play an essential role when preparing for your exam or tests.

    • 1. Extraction based: The summarizer tool extract snippers from the complete provided text without altering or changing them in any way. The process works the same as extracting key phrases, and the primary purpose of this deals with individual words or phrases which can be used as tags for the document or text. As a whole, an extraction-based summary generator takes the essential information from the preliminary test and collects the pieces to create a detailed summary.
    • 2. Abstraction based: The next stage of extraction is based on an advanced summary. This state's main thing is paraphrasing the text parts that you put into the summarizer tool initially. This type of summary efficiently delivers results that work best when compared to the extraction-based summaries. Currently, most of the generating tools are extraction-based.
    • 3. Aided summarization: The summary tool of these type of merge findings from the fields of information retrieval, text mining, and machine learning to enhance the automatic summary generation process

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Summary generators are referred to as the online tool that summarizes articles automatically. They explore and extract accurate data from the provided text. You can find many free summarizers found on different websites. It's relatively easy to use a summarizing tool. You just need to copy and paste the text, set the words' length as you require, and get your text summarized.

    The primary use of summarizing is to provide the reader with the best idea of what the relevant text deals with. You need to make up points by using your own words. A useful summary tool holds the ability to highlight the critical parts, clarify the text meaning, and shows how properly the author has understood the material.

    Reading it thoroughly is the first step you need to do when summarizing a book. Makes notes of the critical events while reading. Start writing once you become familiar with the line. Use the keywords from the quick notes you have taken from the books. Once completed, summarize them, read or edit your work as per your requirements.

    There are many summary makers for the article summarizing, and you can find them in the Google Play or Apple Store. There are also free summarizing tools available. You can use our summary generator article summarizer to get your text summarized uniquely.

    Read the article multiple times so that you get an exact point out of the content. • Go through the introduction clearly to find the thesis statement and paraphrase them. • Note down the crucial phrases and key points so that you will not miss them. • Check out your notes and compose your summary in a shorter version. • List down every source you referred. • You can also use our online PDF summary generator tools for accurate results.

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