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Creates PPT by summarizing the document

Make presentations with less effort

Save time and money

Takes PDF as input


Uses Artificial Intelligence to summarize. Takes DOCX and PDF as input

Simplifies your job

Converts document to presentable PPT. No need not go through the document yourself

Saves time

Saves time to go through the document and make presentation from it


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About document conversion to ppt

Our intellippt online software uses two applications from the Adobe productivity suite, Microsoft office suite and Microsoft PowerPoint to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation in a jiffy. It is the best tool for PDF to ppt converter using AI to complete the conversion process. When you are demonstrating files to a number of people, PowerPoint becomes our first and most effective option. Now let us take this situation, suppose you have finished a PDF document, but now you have to create a PowerPoint presentation utilizing the same content. Then will you start all over again and copy the content from PDF file and paste it on the PowerPoint slides? Not convenient, right? Therefore you must make the use of a PDF to ppt converter to reduce your work time on your PDF to PowerPoint presentation. If you need to make a PowerPoint presentation from a PDF document, with the use of a PDF to ppt converter you don't have to worry about endless cutting and pasting. Adobe PDF and Microsoft programs are fully compatible and designed to work in tandem. If you are preparing a business presentation from a portable document format document, using a PDF to ppt converter will enable you to export the document to PowerPoint so that your PDF to PowerPoint presentation can be more suitably presented at a company meeting using a projector. IntelliPPT is created to create good presentations from PDFs. IntelliPPT's mission is to create quality presentations for presenters by converting PDF to PPT. Currently, presenters are doing a tedious job of going through the PDFs and creating PPTs from them by scrutinizing and summarizing them. IntelliPPT can help them by going through the PDFs and creating them into PPTs automatically in seconds.

How to convert PDF to PPT

Generally when you have to convert a PDF document to powerpoint presentation you have to waste a lot of time in copy and paste of the document. You also have to format and change styles. Usually a portable document format document is lengthy and loaded with complicated content. It may be of five or more paragraphs and several pages length. Imagine the effort and time required to convert PDF to ppt which is of more than two pages. By using intellippt PDF to ppt converter you can complete this task in minutes. 1. First go to the intellippt website and choose the file. Click “choose file” in the toolbox. 2. Select the PDF document you wish to convert. 3. Enter your email id in the box given. 4. Then click upload. Intellippt will upload and start to work on the file right away. 5. Wait for the extraction to finish and download your ppt. Get your file in minutes by using our intellippt document to ppt converter.


AI for presenters

Our online PDF to ppt converter uses artificial intelligence to make the work of presenters easy. In today's world an effective visual presentation has more impact on your story than a mere texted one. Pique interest in your project with a powerful PowerPoint presentation using our PDF to presentation converter. PDF to PPT conversion is extremely complicated, we strive to bring you great quality with our AI converter tool.

Creates ppt by summarizing the document.

Intellippt PDF to ppt converter can efficiently summarize a PDF document and save the hassle of repeatedly going through the document in order to achieve this. You do not have to go through the document yourself in order to mark them into individual slides which is required if you want to convert PDF to ppt. Usually what we find is that if you go through the process of converting PDF to ppt yourself, you will have to summarize the text and mark out different portions for different slides. The intellippt converts PDF to ppt and deals with the summarizing process using artificial intelligence.

Make presentations with less effort.

As we have seen the PDF to powerpoint presentation is completed in a few minutes with very little effort on our part. We just have to go through the 3 step process and click on the upload button and our work of converting PDF to presentation is taken care of. It takes your document and converts it to a presentable ppt. IntelliPPT can go through the PDF files, segregate the headings and paragraphs and then summarize the paragraphs. It then arranges the headings and summarized text, thus converting your file in a presentable form.

Save time and money.

Intellippt is the ultimate time saving PDF to ppt converter tool. It is essential in today’s fast paced world where output is an instantaneous requirement. With the huge amount of content available on the internet in the current scenario; any content which stands out is welcome and is most effective in putting a point across to the audience. An online PDF to Presentation converter saves time and money and is a means to achieving that end. This helps the Students, Professors, Journalists, Editors, Readers, Librarians, Writers, Publishers by converting portable document format to presentation. This tool is free for everyone, secure and has an easy to use UI. Within seconds it lets you convert PDF files to PPT easily.

Takes Docx and PDF as input.

Even though currently we only take PDF input we also offer other services that is available which will let you easily convert word document to ppt effectively and in an impactful manner; helping you to put your point across with authority.

Great support.

We offer great support. Mail us to for any support queries.


1- How can I convert PDF to ppt?
Ans.- First, you need to add a file for conversion: drag n drop your portable document format file or click inside the white area to choose a file. Then click the "Convert" button. When PDF to PPT conversion is completed, you can download your PPT file.
2- How long does it take to convert PDF to ppt?
Ans.- This converter works fast. You can change PDF to PPT in a few minutes.
3- Is it safe to convert PDF to PPT using a free online converter?
Ans.- Of course! The download link of PPT files will be available instantly after conversion. We delete uploaded files after 24 hours and the download links will stop working after this time period. No one has access to your files. Converting files from PDF to ppt is absolutely safe.
4- Can I convert PDF to PPT on Linux, Mac OS or Android?
Ans.- Yes, you can use our converter on any operating system that has a web browser. Our PDF to PPT converter works online and does not require any software installation.
5- What browser should I use to convert PDF to ppt?
Ans.- You can use any modern browser to convert PDF to ppt, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.