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IntelliPPT is a free web tool for summarizing online articles automatically. Basically, it excludes an important part of the text or article. The text summary identifies important data in the text and shows us only the essentials.

Clearly, it is a service with many applications, especially in the field of education and teaching. An excellent online essay summary that can be used for free and without registration. You can paste any text or show an article, in an instant you will get a text summary.

IntelliPPT is a summary of articles and articles by default.

Benefits of summarizing

But you may ask: is this work worth the effort? Why bother?

The reason why summarizing can be so helpful to you and your business is:

Allows access to text and edit ideas and concepts

It helps you plan and clarify your ideas about the book and organize your thinking

Summarizing books or texts that others like can build an audience or readers and help you build connections and increase your visibility.
If you need to leave immediately …

As you can imagine, summarizing a long text or worse a book is a laborious and time-consuming task, requiring concentration and effort. If you have to summarize more than one book the situation is even more difficult. If so you can get some technical assistance, and especially the most recent advances in natural language processing and machine learning.

Automatic summary of the site or research that has achieved amazing results over the past few years and from being able to deal with only short texts is now ripe for processing long and long writing pieces, even complete books.

There are many different algorithms, based on different methods; to summarize longer texts that are currently performing better based on a quote method (extracting the most relevant sentences from the text and compiling a summary that binds them together).


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