KeyPoints Add-on for Google Presentation Slides

Improves productivity by 10X

KeyPoints add-on improves the productivity by 10X. It helps the user with the important points that are extracted from the PDF/DOCX uploaded by the user. KeyPoints parses the PDF/DOCX and summarizes the input text based on the user’s choice of percentage of summarization. It provides key sentences, which user can add to the presentation slide with a single click.

No more copy/paste from the document. Let AI do all the hardwork for you.

How it works!

  • The user uploads a PDF or DOCX and clicks NEXT.
  • KeyPoints reads the document and displays the document's text in the text input box. The user can edit this text input
  • The user then chooses the percentage of summarization as a number between 0 and 100 and click Summarize button
  • Based on the summary percentage, the sentences are picked up automatically and displayed in the sidebar
  • The user can then click on the summary point on the sidebar
  • This copies the sentence to the presentation slide