KeyPoints Add-On For Google Slides


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Modern tool to create your study notes faster

KeyPoints Add-on for Google Presentation Slides

Improves productivity by 10X

Artificial Intelligence built into KeyPoints helps boost user productivity by 10X!

Harness the power of AI to quickly and effortlessly transform any PDF, Word Doc, or Google Doc into a custom Slide Presentation with the KeyPoints Add-On for Google Workspace! The AI built into KeyPoints scans your PDFs and/or Docs to analyze the content and extract the most important subject matter, conveniently highlighting and providing you with the most important content for your presentation.

Choose how detailed you want your presentation to be by selecting the Summarization Percentage. For more complicated information you may want the AI in KeyPoints to summarize 75% or more of your content; for a High-Level overview 50% or less may be perfect for your needs!

No more messing with PDF conversions and messy Copy/Paste, let the AI do all of the hard work for you so you can focus on creating amazing presentations!

How it works!

  • Quickly and easily Upload a PDF or Word Document and click NEXT
  • KeyPoints AI scans the document and conveniently displays the content to the right-side of your Slide presentation. The display is fully editable for customization!
  • Next, you choose the percentage of summarization, anywhere from 0% up to 100%, and click the Summarize button
  • The AI in KeyPoints uses the Summary Percentage to determine which portions of your content are the most important for your presentation; the AI then seamlessly and automatically displays the KeyPoints in the right-side display.
  • Simply click on a Summary Point in the sidebar and add it to your Presentation!
  • Check out our Demo below for a walkthrough of KeyPoints in action!