Why use Paraphrasing and Summarizing?


Paraphrasing requires citing the source of the original content. However, paraphrased content is usually shorter than the original words. Below is an example of the original versus paraphrased sentence.

Below are the reasons for using paraphrasing in your content.

There are cases where you need to use content by another author. When another writer’s idea is more important, but the style of writing is neither accurate nor competent. When you want to simply or justify the work of another writer.

When your content only needs the main idea of ​​someone’s content. If you want to use only the main content highlighting instead of adding supporting sentences.

How to paraphrase content?

There are two ways to paraphrase content, including manual and paraphrasing through online tools.

Read the page you want to paraphrase and highlight the main wording or content topic. Use dictionaries, thesauri, and other support tools to replace the main words of the original words. You need to focus on maintaining the main idea of ​​the content, especially when writing research papers or scientific terms. Divide longer sentences into shorter ones, while sentences will be easier to understand.

How to summarize an article?

This is because you need to shorten the wording by submitting an overview of the article. You need to keep the meaning of the article, but in shorter words. Once you’ve got the main keywords, start writing a summary. The best way to write is to write keyword by keyword.

Your summary should include all extra sentences and should be as short as possible. There are several online tools for summarizing your content. Add a citation to your summary using the author’s name and source.

Difference between Paraphrase and Summary

The basic difference is that paraphrase makes the wordings change while summarizing includes only the key points. The paraphrasing is written in explanation as it uses the same sentences but different wording. In the case of summarizing, you just have to write the content regarding the main keyword and overview it more shortly.

If the paraphrasing of an article is poor then search engines like Google may be to detect the plagiarism in your content. In this way, you might get ruined because of plagiarism. However, writing a summary doesn’t get detected through the search engines because of less elaboration.

Manual paraphrasing or summarizing usually takes a lot of time. It needs repetition as well as there are chances of less efficiency. There might some mistakes or missing in the content in the manual. However, if we use online tools then these mistakes are automatically solved. The online tools are quicker and much efficient than manual.

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