Summarize of any article may be created with ease with IntelliPPT!

How to summarize text automatically?

IntelliPPT is a fantastic online presentation tool. With just one click, you may generate a summary of any lengthy article, provided that the latter is at least slightly structured.

If the press pieces, scientific writings, fiction texts, or commentary on works are well-structured, IntelliPPT can accomplish miracles with them, as can PowerPoint.

No one can be held responsible for the impossible; the instrument rationally throws the sponge with works of the type novels, narrations, or dialogues.

For the most part, the magic works flawlessly, and the results of the few tests I’ve conducted thus far have been astounding.

The procedure is really straightforward. You just copy and paste the text that you wish to summarise into the window that is provided on the site’s homepage.


With a single click, the outcome is displayed practically instantaneously. A sort of express slimming remedy, with your two texts displayed on the screen and the famous “before-after” formula (left the original text, right the summary), on the screen.

The developers of IntelliPPT have done the right thing, and they are also offering to make it even easier for you by providing you with highly practical browser extensions that will allow you to utilize IntelliPPT while you are browsing the web with a single click on your computer.

The result produced by IntelliPPT is not a perfect synthesis of the input data. This is an automatically generated summary of a text that captures the major points and ideas. Then you finish it and make it even better.

However, this initial automatic analysis will already save you a significant amount of time. On average, IntelliPPT shortens the length of a text by two paragraphs.

Even further, the instrument is capable of. In the results window, you will see a small cursor that will allow you to further minimize the amount of text that is displayed.
Of course, if you go beyond the automated reduction that has been provided, you run the danger of losing sight of a key concept or idea in the text.

In addition, IntelliPPT provides a text analysis button in the results pane, which emphasizes passages and essential concepts in the text with a yellow highlighter.
To demonstrate this, try testing it with an extremely long Wikipedia article. You will be shocked by the results.

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