Online Summary Generator – IntelliPPT

IntelliPPT is a free web tool for summarizing online texts in an automated way.

Basically, its job is to extract an important piece of text or article. A text summary that can identify important data in the text and show us only the essentials.

It is obviously a service with many applications, especially in the field of education and teaching. An excellent online text summary that can be used for free and without registration. You can paste any text or show the URL of the article, you will instantly get a text summary.

IntelliPPT is an online summary of texts and articles automatically.

Summarize online texts with IntelliPPT

IntelliPPT can automatically summarize almost all types of texts for you.

In particular, it summarizes the following types of texts:

  • Contradictory texts.
  • Comments are well organized.
  • Historical and scientific texts.

Who is IntelliPPT?

As I said, IntelliPPT has many applications and can be used in many ways.

Here are some of the major beneficiaries of this tool:

Educators: identifying the most important ideas in the text when preparing their lessons.
Readers: helps them to be more productive, shorten Wikipedia articles or articles in an instant.
Editors: makes it easy to quickly capture ideas and facts in current texts.
Journalists: will receive detailed and simplified information.
Readers: save time, summarize texts for important and fast information.
Authors: an important help in summarizing your chapters.

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