IntelliPPT. Create a summary of any PDF using summary generator

It’s a kind of magic spinner that with one click will produce a summary of any long text as long as it is a bit structured.

IntelliPPT, a funny tool that will give you a nice little boost when you need to summarize a text online, for example.

IntelliPPT analyzes any text at lightning speed to extract the most important ideas and facts and bring you a new version of the original text that is much shorter.

IntelliPPT does wonders with newspaper articles, scientific texts, historical texts or commentaries on works if they are well structured. No one is held to the impossible, the tool logically throws in the towel with writings such as novels, narratives or dialogues.

For the rest, the magic is in full swing and the results of the few tests that I have carried out are remarkable. Operation couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is copy and paste the text you want to summarize in the window provided for this purpose on the home page of the site. One click and almost instantly the result is displayed.

A kind of express slimming cure with your two texts on the screen and the famous phrase “before – after” on the left the original text, on the right the summary. The creators of IntelliPPT did it right, and to make it even easier for you are some handy browser extensions that will let you use IntelliPPT while browsing the web with a single click. The tool offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


IntelliPPT: Create easily a summary of any text/ PDF / DOCX!


The result generated by IntelliPPT is not a perfect synthesis. This is an automatic summary that takes up the main points and ideas of a text. Then it’s up to you to complete and refine it. But this first automatic analysis will already save you a lot of time.

IntelliPPT on average reduces the length of a text in half. The tool even goes a step further. In the results window you have a small slider which allows you to reduce the text even further. The risk of course if you go beyond the proposed automatic reduction is to lose in passing an important notion or idea of ​​the text.

Summary IntelliPPT also offers, still in the results window, a text analysis button which will highlight in yellow in the text the important passages and concepts. Take a test for example with a long Wikipedia article, you will be amazed at the result.

An excellent tool to put in all hands. It is currently free for use in the education sector. It is ad-free and you don’t need to register to use it.

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