How to Summarize a Research Article?

Summarizing a research article is more tedious if you do it manually. Intellippt summarizer tool makes this work more manageable, and let’s check them out in-depth below.

Do you know there are a lot of articles getting published every day? Keeping up the information among the huge hub of information is challenging; Intellippt is an online AI-powered, robust, and flexible summary generator tool that makes summarizing a research article simpler.

Tips for summarizing a research article

Before using the summarizer tool, let’s now understand how to summarize a research article manually.

  • Flip through the complete article, and the authors might have used various topic shifts and primary sections, which you can note off. Similarly, the writer’s structure also provides you with a clear understanding, and also this helps you summarize easily.
  • If the article has the abstract initially, you read them out to understand what the article focuses on.
  • To capture the article’s gist, you need to read the article thoroughly. This is mandatory to understand the writer’s topic sense and the crucial connections or relationships between different article sections. When you understand this connection, it makes writing a coherent summary easier.
  • To gain general information from the article, you need to read it once again. Yon captures important ideas through notes marked in the margins, highlighted texts with different colored pens, and more.

Top 10 applications of Automatic Summarization tool

Once you read the article, ask yourself a few questions to quickly summarize a research article.

  • How has the writer addressed the research ideas?
  • What contributions have been made in the article in answering the main queries?
  • Whether the results or surprising or convincing?
  • Are there any aspects that are left unanswered?

An easier way to study long text using summarization

Once you have read the article and can explain the research article to someone else, you are ready to write the summary. Be careful while taking note, and be sure to make it of your own words so that you can restrict plagiarism in your research summary.

The last step is to summarize the research article of your own. While summarizing, make sure to follow the below steps.

  • The first thing you need to address is to state the research questions and explain their importance.
  • List down the hypotheses tested.
  • The tested methods should be described in crisp and sweet paragraphs, including design, materials, dependent and independent variables, participants, procedure, the step of data analysis, and more.)
  • Talk about what results obtained and explain the importance of it.
  • List down the essential implications that were essential in the findings.
  • The interpretation of the results needs to related to the hypothesis.

Cut the Clutter with an Online Text Summarizer

How to present an accurate research article summary?

Once you have written the research summary, you will find it long, and it needs condensing. You need to edit the summary for accuracy again, and it means you need to add or delete further data to make it perfect. Make sure to keep your summary focused, concise, and short. The research summary also needs to have some standard style.

  • Discard wordiness, namely the irrelevant words and adverbs.
  • Use specific and concrete language.
  • Don’t quote other personalities.
  • Use accurate records.

How to make good study notes?

Intellippt summarizer tool – How to summarize a research tool?

  • It’s easy to summarize your research article in just a few steps with the Intellippt summarizer tool. The tool summarizes the research article or any other type of text using Artificial Intelligence. Here is how you should do it.
  • Visit
  • Paste the research article in the summary generator box.
  • Click on the summarize button below to get your concise, accurate, and perfect summarized research article.

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