Generating a Summary Suitable for Specific Needs Automatically

Intellippt is an online text summarization tool that automatically summarizes text that you supply.  Intellippt uses its advanced artificial intelligence engine to generate summaries which exhibits human-like understanding of the content.

Generating good quality summaries is a very time consuming activity that requires deep understanding of the content as well as the ability to articulate key ideas. Intellippt AI summary generator possesses both.

The ability to generate summaries quickly and flexibly is an extremely useful capability for the professional as well as the laymen – especially for students and teachers. Most organizations create numerous documents which can benefit from summarization for improved comprehension and dissemination.

You can just hit the Summarize button to generate the summary. However, there are a small bunch of settings you can use to get the ideal summary you want. Here are the steps to generate an AI summary automatically.

      1. Copy and paste the text you want to summarize in the “Original Text” text area
      2. Free Online Text Summary Generator – AI-Powered Summarizer Identify important ideas. Study fast. Learn faster. IntelliPPT creates PPT from summary by pressing the summarize button.

    Abstractive: This advanced AI algorithm (Abstractive Summarization) will summarize the text with a deep understanding of the original content. The generated summary could contain new sentences and modifications to existing sentences. In addition, the summary may also deduce information not explicitly stated in the original.
    This mode is the slower of the two, but usually of high quality and closer to that generated by a qualified human. Works well regardless of the length of the content.Extractive: This lighter AI algorithm (Abstractive Summarization) will summarize the text by selecting key sentences from the original text. It is useful when you do not want any of the original sentences modified. Works best when the original text is very long and can be much faster than the Abstractive mode. Note: This mode may be overridden if selected when the original content is rather short, as determined by the artificial intelligence engine.

  1. Choose a target size for your summary – how concise the summary needs to be Small: In this mode, the generated summary is the smallest and is composed of the most important information in the original. Note that when combined with the Abstractive mode, proper nouns (names, places, etc.), may be changed. Best: This default mode captures the best quality summary in terms of the amount of information retained. You would generally want to select this.Verbose: When selected, the summary is more elaborate and includes most of the key information in the original.Custom: When selected, you get the ability to enter a percentage value, so you can fine-tune the size of the summary. The AI generated summary size will more closely match the percentage supplied for large documents rather than small ones.Note: The free tier only enables the Best option.
  2. Press the Summarize button to generate the summary Depending on the length of the original content, this may take a bit of time, usually under 30 seconds, but could go up to a minute or so. The progress bar will give you a good indication of the remaining time.
  3. Switch summarization mode and sizes to generate different summaries You might want to try other sizes or a different AI mode (abstractive/extractive) depending on the outcome. You can also re-compute summaries much faster than it did the first time around.


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