Easy way to finish your school assignment fast using Google Slides

College life becomes very busy if you have a lot of assignments to complete and you also must prepare for exams. A lot of students go into college thinking they don’t have to come face to face with homework. They do not know that long assignments await them. Lack of knowledge or interest, writing skills can be the reason for failure in writing homework.

How do you write your assignment regularly?

Students study the articles, PDF and other reference materials and come up with what to write in the assignment. Now, the actual monotonous copy/paste job starts.


KeyPoints for Google Slides

Keypoints for Google Slides is an add-on that can be used with Slides. KeyPoints is a great tool that helps the users copy the text to the slide seamlessly.  KeyPoints help the user with reading the PDF and summarizing. The summary can be copied from the add-on to the slide with a single click.

KeyPoints does wonders with text, PDF. The tool simply identifies the best sentences in the given text or PDF and provides the summary to the users, which can be copied to the slide with a click.

This takes away the hassle out of copy/paste from the PDF or text. It also helps the user by providing important sentences.


Simple to use

The user should install the KeyPoints add-on here. Steps to use:

  • The user uploads a PDF or DOCX and clicks NEXT.
  • KeyPoints reads the document and displays the document’s text in the text input box. The user can edit this text input.
  • The user then chooses the percentage of summarization as a number between 0 and 100 and clicks Summarize button.
  • Based on the summary percentage, the sentences are picked up automatically and displayed in the sidebar.
  • The user can then click on the summary point on the sidebar. This copies the sentence to the presentation.


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