An ultra-functional text summarizer for every need

With the new generations of programming, it is now possible to automatically summarize your texts online. From now on, summarizing a document has become child’s play, and even more so.

Among the programs that seduce users, the IntelliPPT leaves, your doubt, the lot, and this thanks to its simplified use.

An interactive and simple interface to use Equipped with an easy to master interface, IntelliPPT is the tool you need for your summary needs. It helps you to polish and analyze your texts in order to produce relevant summaries. In one click, your text summarizer helps you go to the essentials of your documents in order to get great ideas and synthesize them according to your needs.

You will no longer have to search your texts to find the important facts since your tool will take care of it for you. This tool takes into account all forms of documents, be it scientific texts, comments on literary works, structured arguments, and many others. To go further, you can also download the browser extensions.

Also compatible with Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera, IntelliPPT is at your disposal and allows you to summarize your texts wherever you are during your online reading. You will no longer have difficulty analyzing your argumentative texts thanks to these extensions, especially since you can use them on your PC and on your mobile terminals.

Reading and comprehension of texts will be done in all simplicity with this tool. Whether you are a professional who needs to summarize documents in relation to your activity, or a student who needs help with their homework, IntelliPPT is the tool you need.

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